Searching for the way how to password protect your private folders and files?

Try password protect a folder with MyFolder 2.5 right now for free! Free download...

MyFolder 2.5 main features

  • Very simple and easy to use program

  • Allows to password protect and encrypt your private folders

  • Can be used in multiuser environment OS

  • Protects folders on any removable USB disk or a local hard drive

  • Unlimited number of password protected folders

  • Unique password for each protected folder

  • Password is always required (even under other OS or another computer)

  • No one can steal the password from your folder, because it is not stored anywhere

  • Works in 32bit Windows 7, Vista and XP

  • Autolocks password protected folders after timeout

  • Command line interface for creating/locking/unlocking password protected folder

  • Free automatic updates from the website, so you don't need to reinstall the program manually

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Latest news


April 14, 2011

Why Protect My Files?
A lot of people assume that just because their computer has an anti-virus suite installed, it's going to be fine and no one can steal your data...

November 17, 2010

New product TagFolder has been released, which allows to create tagged folders.
Currently it is a beta version and works in Windows XP only. Feel free to test it and send us your feedback to help improve it.
Try TagFolder now...

May 20, 2010

MyFolder 2.5 was released. To upgrade from MyFolder 2.0 version you should:
1) uninstall MyFolder 2.0
2) reboot your PC
3) install MyFolder 2.5
Password protected folders that were created with version later than 2.0.30 are fully compatible with MyFolder 2.5

May 11, 2010

Now with MyFolder 2.0 you can easily lock a folder or usb flash drive in Windows Server 2003 (32bit).

December 30, 2009

Support for Windows Vista was added in MyFolder 2.0. Also maximum size for a folder was increased. You will be able to password protect a folder with size up to 512 Mb.