This App Should Be Banned

An application which created a lot of nonsense and promoted some nonsense people to the top. An app which is ruining the lives of many people and most of the youth is misguided by this app. The name of this useless application is “Tik Tok”. Yes you heard it right, it is simply a waste of time and most of the youth is attracted towards it. We cannot mention the whole youth here because most of the teenageers and are most active here and they find this app very interesting. This chines app is just wasting the time of people and most of the teenagers instead of working hard on developing new skills in sports, studies or any other worthy thing are spending most of their time here on this app. 

You will see people mimicking the dialogues and dancing to some dance numbers here, people have no guts to speak in any abusive language in front of their parenst but they are doing it openly here on this platform. Many incidents have happened which created a lot of chaos in the past due to misuse of this app. People started creating tik tok on roads and dmet with accidents, people made fun of religious places by making tik tok there, people are making fun of many known faces everyday, animal abuse is done here just for the sake of likes, people are disturbing others on roads by making their videos. So much of chaos is created by these tiktokers and which must be banned everywhere. 

Some of the main issues created by this app and it should be banned for these issues.

  • It promoted pornography which is one of the biggest issue.
  • It promoted animal abuse. Many tik tokers make video just to get likes by abusing to their innocent animals.
  • Making false statements and misleading the people is another issue which should be taken into consideration.
  • Promoted some harsh use of words against some community and some well known faces.
  • Distured the lives on many teenagers by attracting them towards stupid nonsense videos.
  • People who think that they can make a career in this platform are the biggest fools, some day or the other it will get banned for its extensive use and promoting bad behaviour.

Tik tok has raised the standard of some useless people by making them poular for doing stupid things on videos. You saw a girl with another guy and you clapped in slow motion while moving ahead and that’s it you’re famous you have achieved a milestone here. This is how you get famous over night just for doing stupidity and wasting your time developing nothing in return. Boys are becoming girls and making videos just for likes, girls are dancing to some dance numbers and showing how cool they are. These things are just a waste of time and it should be banned by the government.

Whats your views on this topic, It should be banned or not and why? Let me know in the comment box below with your thoughts on this topic.

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