Marvel’s New Projects

After breaking the lifetime collection record for 2009 blockbuster AVATAR Marvel’s AVENGERS- END GAME became the highest grosser worldwide of all time. Movie was loved by all and received appreciation by everyone across the globe. With this we witness the end of many Marvel characters like “Iron Man”, “Captain America” and “Hulk” but what about the other characters? Marvel has released a list of Phase 4 series and it looked very interesting and exciting. Marvel just released his last movie last month Spider Man- Far From Home which is still running very successfully in theatres everywhere but apart from that we can see many more things that MArvel has to offer us in  Phase 4 lineup of movies.

MCU has a very looh list of movies that are going to entertain us in the coming future but most important movie list includes Black Widow,  although she is dead according to the MCU as we have seen in END GAME but this is a story of a superspy set between CAPTAIN AMERICA CIVIL WAR and AVENGERS-INFINITY WAR and you will be able to see this next year in 2020. Not only this based on the Marvel comics some new superheroes and villains are going to join the marvel universe in THE ETERNALS which is scheduled for a release in November 2020. Some other movies which are going to be released by Marvel is SHANG-CHI, again based on a Marvel comic and most of the people who don’t follow the comics regularly does not know about this character and it will be exciting to see a new superhero in this universe. 

DR. STRANGE is coming back with his tricks and magic in this Marvel lineup. DOCTOR STRANGE- In The Multiverse Of Madness is going to release in the mid of 2021 and you will be seeing Wong along with Wanda in this movie. This movie according to the director is somewhere linked to Disney+ series WANDAVISION.

God Of Thunder will return with his lady In THOR- LOVE AND THUNDER and this time you will see a lady Thor being worthy enough to life the hammer of Thor. This movie is the best gift from marvel as we all wanted to see “God Of Thunder” returning as he was before the End game. This is the most hyped movie among all the line up but we have to wait a little longer for that. It is scheduled for a release in 2021.

This is not the end many other movies are also in the list and we all will be entertained by them like before. All people thought that after the death of Tony Stark and retirement of Captain America who is going to take this franchise further from here but Marvel shocked everyone by releasing the list of movies and series and after looking at this list we can say that Phase 4 of Marvel Universe will create magic again and we will be attracted towards the theatres. 

Comment down your views on this lineup by Marvel. Which movie are you most excited to watch.

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