Is Climate Change Affecting Our Environment?

With the increase in population more of our wetlands, natural forests are being used to yield more crops and acquire more resources for the population. Forests which saves the natural greenhouse gases are destroyed by human beings in order to fulfill their needs.

With the change in the climate there is a constant risk on the food supply chain. Mostly all people are affected by this climate change in shortage in the food supply but mostly the poor population is most affected by this change. Crop yielding are already declining in some areas and the desert area is increasing with low plant diversity in the present time. It is an alarming situation and we need to look into this serious matter and work to control this condition. 

With the increase in deforestation,removing the plant density and using wetlands for our purpose, there is a rise in temperature every year and last four years were regarded as the hottest years with comparison to the previous years. Trees and plants which captures the greenhouse gases are removed and because of extensive cutting of these trees we are experiencing a rise in temperature every year which is affecting our climate directly. 

All ecosystems throughout the world are experiencing this massive change in climate and the conditions prevailing in the environment which needs to be taken care of real quick. We can easily sense how our outside climate is changing with the rise in pollution in the air which is causing many diseases to people and affecting our food supply. 

Food are basically losing their nutritional value with a great percentage due to heavy use of artificial fertilisers and more carbon in the environment. When we are cutting the small plants and trees we are emitting more greenhouse gases to be free in the environment. Less pans more people and more carbon dioxide in the air is degrading the quality of food grains and they are not lasting for a longer time period as before.

Continents like Asia and Africa which are dependent on imported food will be more affected by this situation as they will be receiving less amount of food supply. Heat waves in Europe recently showed them how crop yields canfall with the rise in temperature. Animals in the forest are growing on a slow rate because of more heat stress in the climate which is a very bad thing. Our food chain can also be affected by this if there is less water and green land in the forests due to drought and deforestation it will affect the animals to survive resulting in their deaths.

We can improve this situation by planting more trees, not cutting the remaining forests areas and not over extensive use of our wetlands. Eating plant based diet will help in this situation because they have a lower emission of greenhouse gases into the environment as compared to meat based diets. 

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