Why Protect My Files?

A lot of people assume that just because their computer has an anti-virus suite installed, it’s going to be fine and no one can steal your data. Realistically, if you work in an office or you take your laptop to Starbucks, this just isn’t the case, and the ability of individuals to dip in and out of your hardrive is defined only by where you take it.

Encryption is the key to good data protection, and of course you’re able to encrypt everything you like, from single files to folders containing important documents and information. It’s not a complicated series of methods, and of course the documentation we provide online for you will teach you how to encrypt everything.

But what data should you be taking more care of? Well, simply, anything you wouldn’t show to a random person on the street! This can be anything at all, from a novel you’re working on (this is exceptionally important, as this is something you may not have yet established copyright on, yet) to your O2 Broadband username and password – not fun if the person manages to start taking over your home Wi-Fi network at three in the morning.

When thinking about encyption, it’s also much easier to use software to encrypt rather than relying on archaic methods or worse, DIY with little experience, as you may find that the end result is you being locked completely out of your files, with no way back in – a rather ironic end to the noble goal of keeping your data safe!

We offer a great range of software that will help you achieve the level of encryption required to stop nonchalant data-thieves, so relax, enjoy your computer, and keep safe – you never know when you might next find yourself surfing on public Wi-Fi!

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